How much credit can we take for our client’s success?

Nabeel Azeez co-founder Dropkick Copy

Nabeel Azeez is the co-founder of Dropkick Copy

When we started working with this client in August 2019, they were averaging $30,000/month.

We published daily content to their email list and the founder’s social media platforms.

A month later:

⬆️ Revenue had doubled
⬆️ ROAS had tripled

Today, two and a half years later, we still work together.

We’ve taken on a “Fractional CMO” role.

And they do $300,000/month.


📈 Can we say we 10X’d the business?


❌ We had no part in coming up with the offer…
❌ We had no part in the Optimal Selling Strategy…
❌ We had no part in the paid ads…
❌ We had no part in client success…

All of which are essential segments of the company’s Flywheel?

No, we can’t.

I don’t think we can even take credit for the initial doubling.

The founder brought us on because he’d already seen the positive effects regular publishing had on his business…

But he didn’t have the time to do it himself.

I recently watched a short video clip on Facebook by copywriter and marketer, Mitch Miller.

In it, he said:

“Not only have I made 10s of millions for my private clients… but I’ve been credited with… multiple millions that students I’ve coached or people I’ve given advice to have attributed to me.”

While I’ve not worked with the man personally, from what I’ve seen he’s legit af.

And I don’t doubt that he has in fact, produced 10s of millions for his clients and students.

But his statement got me thinking…

How much credit can we take for our client’s success?

You often see A-list copywriters claim they’ve sold 100s of millions of dollars worth of products.

😬 But is this an ethical claim?

Allow me to demonstrate using a concrete example and a fictional entrepreneur, Jamal.

Jamal is a consultant and sells a high-ticket group program.

He’s averaging 30k/month and is looking to scale by building a marketing team.

At a live event of a mastermind he’s part of, he hears people talking about working with No Limit Marketing and the good results they got.

He Googles them and visits the website.

He starts seeing retargeting ads and opts into to watch a mini-webinar.

Randomly, a week later, Jamal sees a cold email from No Limit Marketing asking if he wants to build a performance-based marketing team.

He looks up and follows the founder, Percy Miller, on Facebook and LinkedIn.

He gets a cold DM on LinkedIn from Percy’s team asking him if he’d like to join their Facebook group.

Jamal joins the group and sees an announcement for a lead magnet, which he requests and gets.

In messenger, the team member who sends him the lead magnet starts up a conversation and they talk about his goals.

Work happens, life happens… Jamal gets occupied by other priorities and the sales team gets put on the back burner.

A month later, he’s in his inbox and sees an email from Percy, written by us (Dropkick Copy.)

It hits all the right buttons.

Jamal books a call and gets on the phone with Dwayne Carter, one of the sales reps.

He signs up on a follow-up call where Percy and Dwayne do a demo of their service.

Now, in Jamal’s buyer journey…

🏅 Who gets credit for the sale?

Is it Percy, who created the products and compelling offers and packaging?

Is it the client success team, who got the amazing results that had people raving about them at the mastermind?

Is it the paid traffic team, who targeted him with compelling ads and got him to opt into the mini-webinar funnel?

Is it the cold outreach team, who sent the cold email and LinkedIn DMs?

Is it the setters, who had a personal conversation with him in messenger about his business and his goals?

Is it us… Dropkick Copy… who wrote the website copy, the mini-webinar, the funnel copy, the ads, the lead magnet, the autoresponder and broadcast emails?

Is it Dwayne, who took the first call?

Is it Percy, who closed and took payment?

🔖 The problem of attribution in marketing

No single person can take credit for this sale.

And the truth is, many copywriters are doing just that in their marketing.

This is smoke and mirrors at best… a lie at worst.

Nevertheless, it’s an excellent position for the BUSINESS to be in.

It means there’s no single point of failure.

But it presents a number of challenges for service providers like us, when we’re a cog in a well-oiled machine.

One, how do we prove we’re worth the investment?

It takes a sophisticated business owner or marketing manager to see the value in the Whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

Two, unsophisticated business owners and marketing managers will often come to us with the wrong expectations.

They think I’ll turn their fortunes around with a florid turn of phrase.


📝 Copywriting isn’t magic

…And we are not your Saviors.

If you don’t have a product or service that works, we can’t help you.

If you don’t have a marketing budget to invest in different channels, we can’t help you.

What we can be, however, is your partner.

We can be a cog in your marketing-sales machine.

And together we can, in fact, 10X a business in 18-24 months.

If you see the value in that, let’s talk.

We’ve recently introduced a “starter” email marketing package for business owners with a high-ticket offer and an email list of at least 1,000+ subscribers.

It won’t break the bank and it’ll still get results; one or two new clients a month.

It’s an easy way for us to get to know each other and establish a baseline for the results we can create together.

If you’re further ahead in your journey and you’ve got a bigger list – say 5k+ – our core service of 3 emails a week is more appropriate.

And if you’re a baller and want to do daily emails, we can help you there as well.

Book your 15-min discovery call 👉

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