How to Sell in Your Welcome Sequence, with Dan Ferrari & Ian Stanley

🎯 Note: If you’d like a copy of the welcome sequence being reviewed, and the transcript of this critique…

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Selling with email marketing depends on recency. This copy critique demonstrates the concept. A few months ago during a free workshop, two A-list copywriters – Ian Stanley & Dan Ferrari – critiqued a welcome sequence we wrote for a client.

Something interesting happened during those 20 minutes they went over our emails. They gave very little feedback on our copy – other than high praise for our subject lines – and a ton of feedback on how to extract more sales from new subscribers by making some very simple “non-copy” tweaks to the sequence.

And, in a welcome sequence like this – one that every subscriber reads – I believe these tiny tweaks could add an additional 5-, maybe even 6-figures to a client’s yearly revenue. In this mini-masterclass on email marketing…

You’ll Discover

  • βœ… What Ian and Dan think of my subject lines… and how to come up with a “Frankensequence” automation [02:50]
  • βœ… Subject line length – what performs better based on Ian’s years of testing [04:02]
  • βœ… When Ian’s business partner Cam added this one page to a guru’s website, it added 100k/month PASSIVE to his business [06:30]
  • βœ… Why you shouldn’t expect the open rates you see in these emails – and what to expect instead [08:45]
  • βœ… Why your audience wants you to sell from email number 1 – and a stupid-simple way to do it [09:36]

You’ll also see Ian demonstrate his Scottish accent and witness him…

Talking In Copy

➑️ How to use subscriber engagement during the welcome sequence to sell passively with a single automated email [10:57]

➑️ The best ideas are buried in your copy – Ian pulls out an email subject line, a from-name idea, and “copy talks” the headline and lead to a sales letter… from a single sentence in email 2 [11:37]

➑️ How Ian almost followed in the footsteps of Harry Houdini… to an early grave [12:58]

➑️ Dan explains how to apply RFM – recency, frequency, monetary – to your emails… so you can make your subscribers happy by selling to them [16:21]

➑️ Why most people do email marketing the way women react to nice guys and assholes [17:36]

After this call, I went into the email automation and made the changes immediately.

Those emails are still chugging along, hopefully making money to this day.

Get a Copy of This Welcome Sequence

If you’d like a copy of this welcome sequence and a transcript of Ian and Dan’s critique, comment β€œkicked in the nuts” below. I’ll email you a link.

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