How Mike Mark Tripled His ROAS & Doubled His Revenue In 30 Days

Mike Mark is the founder of CoachingSales .com, a sales consultancy that helps entrepreneurs get off the phones, delegate their sales calls, and go from 6- to 7-figures in under 6 months.

Mike noticed that his advertising / paid media performed up to three times better when he posted daily content across his social media accounts. Mike is a competent copywriter on his own, and for the longest time, wrote all the copy for CoachingSales.

But the demands of growing their business meant that he would often get too busy to create content. This meant that he couldn’t keep up with daily publishing.

Mike found that whenever he stopped publishing daily, his paid media performance (ROAS / Return On Ad Spend) would suffer. So, he would work hard to get back to publishing daily and their ROAS would go back up. Then he’d get busy again and fall off the content marketing wagon.

After going through this situation for the 3rd time – ads performing well when he kept up his publishing, then tanking when he stopped – he decided he needed some help.

That’s when he reached out to us. After several months of working together on CoachingSales, Nabeel Azeez (co-owner of Dropkick Copy) sat down with Mike Mark to talk about their work and how it affected their business.


How we helped:

  • Copywriting for daily emails and social media posts
  • Long-form essays for their website
  • Sales copy for landing pages and advertising
  • Youtube channel and podcast launch
  • Content repurposing; creating short video clips, carousels, quotes, etc.


  • Quarterly revenue went up 2.5X / 250% from Q3 to Q4.
  • Went from 6-figure to 7-figure run rate in 30 days.
  • They were able to triple their ad budget over 3 months and are still increasing.
  • Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) increased from ~ 10X to 15X
  • Cost of acquisition (CPA) increased by 20%
  • 1 to 3 organic inbound inquiries daily.
  • Significantly improved brand recognition and authority in the market; we know this based on conversations the client has with their audience (emails, DMs, sales calls.)

If you’re ready to delegate your copywriting and get the benefits of a stronger brand and better performance on your paid media, schedule a strategy session with us today. Click here to apply now.

Time-Stamped Interview Notes

  • [00:30] Who is Mike Mark and what does CoachingSales .com do?
  • [02:35] Mike’s background in and skill at copywriting.
  • [03:30] Why did Mike decide to delegate the copywriting in his business, even though he’s good at it?
  • [04:45] What motivated Mike to reach out to Nabeel / Dropkick Copy?
  • [06:40] How daily organic (i.e. content marketing) affected CoachingSales paid media performance.
  • [08:20] How did Mike’s business change in the 3 months after we started working together, versus the 3 months before?
  • [12:52] The benefits of publishing content every day across multiple channels.
  • [14:42] Mike’s advice to entrepreneurs on the best time to delegate the copywriting in their business.
  • [17:33] Mike’s advice on how to manage highly-skilled roles in your company and service providers.
  • [19:37] The benefits of letting your copywriter be creative and test a lot of different ideas and styles of delivering copy.
  • [21:07] What were some of Mike’s concerns or uncertainties before deciding to hire a copywriter?
  • [23:08] How Nabeel and Mike worked on “switching flows,” that is, varying the tone, voice, and cadence of his copy.
  • [25:35] Mike’s insights on what people are looking for in marketing communications, and how to build authority in and bond with your market.
  • [28:05] What was the impact on Mike and CoachingSales after they started working with Dropkick Copy?
  • [30:32] What would Mike say to entrepreneurs who are considering hiring a copywriter for their business but are having trouble letting go and taking that leap of faith?

What Results Can I Expect From Content Marketing?

It’s important to note that Mike’s results from content marketing are exceptional. And also that we can’t take all the credit for these results.

CoachingSales has a fantastic product that solves a burning pain in the market. Their offer is fully validated and at the time this interview was recorded, Mike and the CoachingSales team have helped 21 entrepreneurs get to million-dollar run-rates. They were also running advertising profitably before we started working together.

What Dropkick Copy did for CoachingSales was pour gasoline on an already burning fire. And doubling their revenue is just a side-effect. The main benefit was all the time we saved Mike so that he can focus his mental energy on making strategic moves to grow his business.

Since we started working with Mike, besides the daily emails and social media content we’ve also:

  • Launched their Youtube channel
  • Launched their podcast
  • Published several long-form essays on their website

These are all revenue-generating assets that will bring them organic sales and can also be used in advertising campaigns.

If you’re ready to delegate your copywriting and get the benefits of a stronger brand and better performance on your paid media, schedule a strategy session with us today. Click here to apply now.

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