She Makes All The Money She Wants Doing As Little Work As Possible

She works 20 hours a week, takes 1 week off every month and makes all the money she wants.

She has clients she loves working with who can’t imagine not working with her.

She doesn’t care about building an empire. Her business is defined by her.

She’s unknown to the world. But a f***king rockstar in her circle of influence.

Her name is Sarah Temte.

Copywriter, messaging strategist, offer-creation consultant.

She lives the kind of life many consultants dream of but few ever get to.

Join Sarah and Nabeel, as they answer questions and talk about:

  • A copywriter’s magic that only other copywriters can see
  • How to get your first gig as a brand new consultant
  • How to communicate the transformation and value your business offers
  • Why you need to focus your broad range skills and experience into solving a specific problem for your clients
  • How to coach your clients to trust and defer to your authority
  • Why you may need to stop doing so much marketing and do this instead
  • How the high-ticket coaching/consulting space is changing and predictions for 2020
  • An effortless way to build a personal brand online

…And much more!

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